Mauritius To Expect Harsh Winter 2014

Get ready to take out your winter wardrobe, people! Woollen and thick clothes will be oh-so-handy in the coming weeks; winter is just around the corner! Already, the cold has been pervading the island. Experts from the meteorological station of Vacoas say that winter will have established itself by mid-May, lasting till October. The report Winter Outlook 2014 has been published on the 30th of April, giving us an idea of what to expect this coming winter.


It is expected that we will feel the effects of weak El Nino conditions in the coming days; winter 2014 will pretty much be like the previous winters that we have known. El Nino is characterised by the long-lasting warming of the Pacific Ocean sea surface. It is a naturally-occurring process, and this causes unusual weather patterns in the world.

The 5th Assessment Report of the Inter Governmental Panel of Climate Change (IPCC) published last month has warned of extreme weather conditions like extremely cold temperatures, accompanied by heavy rainfall with strong winds blowing all over the country. According to the forecasts, we will be bathed with strong anticyclones in July and August, which are known as being the coldest months of the year. The temperature on the elevated regions is predicted to go as down as 12˚C in Mauritius, and 14˚C in Rodrigues.

Torrential rains are also expected for this year’s winter: 670 mm are being anticipated for Mauritius and 390 mm for Rodrigues. The central plateau and the south and east regions of the island will most likely be the ones affected by the upcoming dowpours.

Also, the sea will be stormy from time to time, and tidal waves are also being expected, specially in the south and the west.

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