Meeting of Party Malin 2014: Tax on GRINDERS To Reduce Crime Rate!!

Some time back, the leader of the political party Malin, Danrajsingh Aubeeluck, expressed his anticipation for the meeting of the first of May. He hailed his political group as being the 3rd strongest one in Mauritius, and he had even said that the Mauritian people absolutely want to hear what he has to say, since according to him, he is the one behind many great ideas. Well, he has stood up to his promise of giving out his speech on the 1st of this month at Curepipe.


Today, he has shared the main ideas of his action plan with the members of the public who came to the meeting. He said that his party would impose a tax on grinders. The reason for this is that some people have been viewing the grinder as the ultimate weapon to commit crimes of all sorts. So many deaths have resulted from attacks with the help of grinders. Another criminal had even used a grinder to chop off a speed camera in order to avoid paying for the fine… Maybe having to pay taxes on grinders would discourage people? … Another idea figuring on his list was to request for finer uniforms for the police force…

Danrajsingh Aubeeluck climbed on the hood of a vehicle and gave out his speech. He has spoken of several issues, including the condition of street hawkers, the floods of the 30th of March that occurred last year, the road accident at Soreze and many more.

What has stood out from the meeting, however, was another incident. While talking to the public that had gathered around, Danrajsingh Aubeeluck jumped and…. He fell down.

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