Melrose High Security Jail Blocking Emtel Signals For Neighboring Inhabitants?

Inhabitants of Melrose have been complaining about a network problem that is preventing from them making calls and the likes – specially those using Emtel.

emtelAccording to the inhabitants of Melrose, it is the setting up of a new penitentiary institution that is preventing them from picking up the signals. People are having a hard time with the operator Emtel. They believe that the interferences are happening because of the high-security prison which happens to be the most modern one in the country. The inhabitants of Melrose have even written a letter to the authorities to complain of the networking problem they are facing.

People living in the neighboring regions of Melrose are also experiencing network problems; those using Emtel at least. Being unable to communicate as and when they so wish, the inhabitants are furious at this state of affairs.

Now, why would they think that it is the prison that is the cause behind their ills?! A while back, the inhabitants of Beau Bassin had faced similar problems, and now it is the turn of Melrose inhabitants: they conclude that this cannot be a mere coincidence. According to them, it has to do with the setting up of the prison.

A proper investigation has to be done so as to elucidate the matter and find out for sure what is responsible behind the network problems. For now, what has been speculated is that the prison of Melrose has a scrambler acting on mobile phones. This electronic device garbles signals so that they are rendered unintelligible, and hence, phone calls cannot be made since the signals are distorted. Emtel will soon meet up with Information Communication and Technologies Authority (ICTA) to discuss this predicament.

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