Mauritian gandhi

Mohamed Mustapha Alias Mauritian Gandhi On Strike For 8 Days Now

Mohamed Mustapha, having earned the nickname Mauritian Gandhi, has been on strike for more than a week now, with the aim to claim what he views as his rights from the government. While he remains adamant not wanting to give in, his health condition only gets worse.

Mauritian gandhi

Some people would go to great lengths to have their voices heard – even to the extent of harming their own selves. Mohamed Mustapha is undeniably one of them. He has been on a hunger strike since eight days to show his protest to the government. He wishes for the latter to hear out what the fishermen have to say, determined not to give up. According to a doctor, his condition is worrying.

What has pushed him to put his life in danger by his own hands?

He has been unemployed since some years and, now he is on strike over lay-offs at the Jardin de la Compagnie. He demands a financial allocation of Rs 7000 and a guarantee of employment for fishermen on fishing boats. He has thus been nicknamed Gandhi. According to some, he was seriously ill since Monday. Cehl Meeah, the leader of the political party Front Solidarité Mauricien, made arrangements for a doctor to evaluate his case.

In the meantime, his family fears the worst lest he puts not a stop to his strike, while the other fishermen complain that the toilets at the Jardin de la Compagnie are closed at night, and, that the lights go out, and that the government has not taken their plaints into consideration.

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