More and More Mauritian Students Performing Badly in Mathematics

While mathematics has often been tagged as a difficult and challenging subject, what can be made of Form I students who do not even know the multiplication tables? This is how goes the tale of a teacher relating such cases…

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Rajee Pyneeandee, a teacher from the London College has complained about the poor performance of the Form I students of the Low Performing Schools. She says that the students do not even have the required foundation knowledge like the mathematics multiplication tables. According to her, such is also the case in some regional colleges.

The performance in mathematics has been on the decline as proves a study led by the Quality Assurance Division which published the findings at the end of last month. Mauritian students experience trouble in tackling the mathematical exercises, or so it seems. Why is the performance so poor? In the view of Rajee Pyneeandee, the primary cycle of education is too focused on exams, and the whole system of education should be reviewed to curtail the downward trend.

According to another teacher of the Friendship College, Bhodraz Ramdhean, a huge gap exists between the CPE and the Form I. That could explain the inability of the Form I students to cope with the burden of the higher class. Furthermore, students tend to be lazier nowadays, as declared Bhodraz Ramdhean; hence they do not take the pains to exert their minds to be able to solve maths problems.

The paradox reining in our societies nowadays is that we are heading towards more modern perspectives, punctuated with all sorts of highly advanced technological devices, but, still, many complain that while the world is full of smart devices, the same cannot be said of its people. Instead of using our resources to achieve higher goals, we have allowed ourselves to become lazier because of them. Can we really be surprised that students are now stumbling over mathematical problems which require in-depth thinking?

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