New Laws For Government To Better Manage Waterways in Mauritius

In some time now, the 3 organisations Central Water Authority, the Wastewater Management Authority and the Irrigation Authority will merge into one. A number of modifications have also been planned to occur to better run the water bodies and water supply of the country.

One of the clauses to be decided upon will allow the State to better maintain rivers, streams and other water bodies going through private lands.

A survey had been carried out in 2012 to glean appropriate data concerning private lands through which water bodies flow. According to an official of the ministry, the people were reluctant to give clear answer to the questions set by the investigators and many did not answer a lot of the questions. Some people thought that the rivers passing through their land belong to them. That is not the case. For them to use the resource, they would need to have a permit allowing them to exert authority on the waterway.

Those who do apply for the permit do so in order to supply their  agricultural cultivations with water.

The need to review such laws is felt even more during periods of drought. When the Government has to channel water from rivers to supply water to the population, the people living in the regions nearby the river do not cooperate with the State officials to get the work done smoothly. If this new law is implemented, such problems will indeed be avoided. Anyone who would refuse to cooperate would be liable to have legal actions taken against them.

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