New System of Postal Code In Mauritius

The Chief Executive Officer of the Mauritius Post recently proclaimed that the system of postal code will soon be implemented in the country. The majority of households have already received their Post Code Information Card. However, this would undoubtedly take a considerable amount of time to get all the procedures completed. The distribution of these cards to the inhabitants of Port Louis and Curepipe is yet to be done.


The card that has been issued will allow the holders to access the information on the postal code and how to use it to receive and send mail. The Mauritius Post is planning to launch a sensitisation campaign to create awareness among the population as to the advantages of the postal code and the hows-to when it comes to its application. Then, the authorities will take the plan from the national level to the international platform to make it known to other countries about the new postal code of Mauritius.

This system comes with many benefits, such as, facilitating the process of distribution of mail. Furthermore, e-commerce generally needs the postal code, hence its implementation will be greatly helpful for all and sundry.

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