New Wind Energy Powered Farm At Plaine Des Roches

Ever since the Maurice Ile Durable Scheme was launched, many companies have shown their interest to put this into context by coming up with projects which have the green tag to them. Trying to keep up with this trend, the Sugar Investment Trust (SIT) and Quadran, a French company promoting the project, will be financing the setting up of a wind-powered farm in Mauritius.

la perriere farm


A site at Plaine des Roches has been chosen for the purpose. SIT and Quadran have signed an agreement last Friday. Ravin Bholah, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SIT, and JérômeBilleray, Director of Quadran, met at Ebene to conclude the contract. SIT will enjoy a 49% ownership of the eolian farm, in partnership with Aerowatt Mauritius, the Mauritian filial group of Quadran. The project will be based on the model of the farm of La Perrière, situated in Réunion Island, depicted below.

After months of negotiation with both the Government and the Central Electricity Board (CEB), the wind farm project is now launched. The farm will consist of 2 power plants with the capacity of electricity production of 9.35 and 8.2 MW each. One of these will be functional by April 2015. The installation works will begin next month so as to equip it with 11 engines.

The project has been possible thanks to massive financial investments amounting up to 32 millions Euros. The electricity to be produced from the power plants will be sold to the Central Electricity Board (CEB). A power purchase agreement has been struck between the companies concerned.

In the context of a fast-industrialising world, where the demand for energy keeps on increasing, a plethora of sensitisation campaigns have been organised in order to raise awareness concerning the need for renewable energy sources. Maurice Ile Durable is yet another effort to steer the world towards sustainable development by adhering to sources of energy which are non-polluting and efficient at the same time. According to Ravin Bholah, the SIT has always been motivated to sign up for such endeavours, and it now has the opportunity to live up to its aspirations, and moreover, Quadran is an internationally renowned company dealing with renewable energy sources.

Jérôme Billeray has also expressed his joy at the partnership with the SIT, which marks the opening up of other doors of opportunities for such development projects for Mauritius and the African continent as well. Quadran has invested in many such projects before, such as those dealing with wind power energy, photovoltaics, hydrolics, biogas, and biomass.

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