ProIT Event 2014 To Be Held At Ebene

The 2014 ProIT event will be held from the 19th to the 22nd of May in the BPML building at Ebene. Experts specialised in the domain will present innovative products that are able to solve just about any problem a company could face, or so they say.



The Mauritius IT Industry Associtation (MITIA) is behind the organisation of the 2014 ProIT. This year’s event will accommodate for the latest technological breakthroughs that have been invented to facilitate the management of a company. The primary goal is to show how technological tools can have a focal point in the smooth running of a company; many tasks can be done more efficiently with the help of modern devices. Information Technology (IT) can carve itself a place in a plethora of workplaces, be it in the engineering field, in the marketing world, or even in the finance departments.

IT can be made to suit the requirements of mostly any company; this is what the organisers wish to imprint in the minds of company owners. Solutions to a number of problems can be furnished by the used of data processing and information technological devices.

As the world is turning more and more to highly advanced technological tools to deal more effectively with the daily tasks, Mauritius should not lag behind in the process of the global computerisation that is happening in our contemporary world, should it?

During the 4 days scheduled for the event, a total of 7 conferences will be held, the first of which will be dedicated to the CEOs and directors of companies to give them an overview of the upcoming 6 conferences. Find the planning here.

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