Remains of Young Woman Found In Abandoned Building Near Le Bocage

Bone remains of a reportedly young woman have been found by the police near the mountain range of Moka in the neighborhood of Le Bocage. After examination of the remains by a coroner, valuable data has been inferred which could lead the police to shed light on the affair. The identity of the person has not yet been established though.

Forensic Anthropology 1

On Monday 19th of this month, the police discovered the remains of a corpse near the Moka mountain range. A skull and other bone parts have been found in an abandoned building situated at the foot of the mountains. The remains were transported to the Victoria hospital for analysis to be able to put a name to them. If not a name, then, at least, the gender; they found out that it was a female. Further examination allowed the coroner to estimate the age at time of death of the person: she was around 25 to 30 years old, of approximately 1m65 in height.

After we’ve been silenced by way of death, our bones speak for us

The analysis of bones can yield much information about the identity of the person in question. The specialized branch of science dealing with this is called forensic anthropology. By reassembling the bones, the height of the person can be estimated. Sex and age range can easily be determined if adequate bones are present.  The size and characteristic features of specific bones allow for the determination of gender and age. It is quite amazing how even after the flesh has gone with the wind, the identity of the person can still be determined by examining the bones, provided the conditions of the bones permit it. Experts can even calculate the approximate time of death of the person. Our bones are such that they retain much information about us and events pertaining to the death.

Additional information gleaned about the identify

The young woman who met with a seemingly tragic death died around 3 to 4 months ago. At the time of her death, she was wearing black denim trousers and a grey top. The doctors have not observed signs of wounds on any of the bones. Uptil now, the cause of death has not be elucidated.

How to identify the unknown woman?

The police force is gathering their resources to answer this question: officers from the Criminal Investigation Division of St-Pierre together with those of the Field Intelligence Unit, as well as others from the Scence of Crime Office and Forensic Science Laboratory are putting their efforts together to shed light on this mysterious case. Of the first steps is to verify the list of missing people to see who could fit into the descriptions available. Through elimination methods by relying on the information given out by the coroner, the police can determine whether anyone of that description went missing some time back. Also objects picked in the vicinity of the spot where the remains were found can be used to reconstruct the events that led to the bones being disposed of there.

It is only a matter of time to put a name to the remains.



Updates 23.05.14

The body remains have finally been identified. They belonged to an inhabitant of l’Agrément, Latimi Chokkan, who was reported missing since the 3rd of November 2013. The remains were identified by her husband, Dorsamy Chokkan.

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