Rock Falling From Cliff At Macondé – The Worst Is Yet To Come

At the end of last month, on the 26th of April, an incident occurred at Macondé that could have degenerated into real havoc. A huge rock had fallen from the cliff standing along the road at Macondé, and had anyone been in that region at that time – wrong place at the wrong time – a more terrible accident would have occurred. No one was injured, the worst was averted, but the damage that has resulted from the rock fall has had many repercussions.


Since that incident, the inhabitants have been in quite a state of upheaval; they say that they had long since been complaining against the falling off of rocks from the cliff, and that in spite of that, nothing had been done. When the huge rock fell onto the road some days ago, the road circulation had been disturbed, adding up further to the turmoil.

The Macondé road will now not be open as soon as we would have wanted it to. Experts from Japan had been called on the spot where the accident occurred. From what they observed and concluded, the state of affairs is not going to be improved for a while; rather, the situation could quite be exacerbated even more…

Rocks found on the topmost edge of the cliff can fall off at any moment. That is not all. Clefts have started appearing on the cliff’ surface. The dangerous turn at Macondé just got even more dangerous.

What is to be done now?

In the short immediate term, a possible solution has been put forward. A barrier made of steel can be pulled all along the surface where the rocks are found to hold them back. However, this would be quite inadequate, as the rocks themselves weigh around 30 tonnes each, thus the steel barrier would be pretty much useless. Another solution would be to remove the rocks. As simple as that – since they cannot be kept at bay, they would most probably have to be removed completely.

As the cracks are enlarging as time goes by, the need to remove the rocks is becoming more and more pressing. Downpours of rain would only further encourage the development of the cracks; seems like all the ingredients are present for the rocks to roll their way down the cliff and do some massive destruction.

So, in light of all these observations, the road will not be opened soon enough. Therefore, the national company responsible for transport has put at the disposal of the inhabitants of Baie-du-Cap shuttles so that they can make the journey from their place to Le Morne and other nearby regions. The passengers would not be charged the transport fee. The vehicles assigned this task will be available from 7 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon.

More complications coming up

What else could go wrong now? One would think that the affair is settled, but…

Well, as all the necessary measures are being taken to prevent disastrous accidents at Macondé, the possibility of the Chamarel road yielding to the increase of activities on its surface cannot be ignored. The road linking Case-Noyale to Chamarel is weaved with cracks all along.

What is the matter with our road networks?! Since the beginning of the year, all we’ve been hearing about our roads is that they are being subject to some huge-scale damage. First, it was the Ring Road, which had been newly constructed – fresh new road gone stall! And, now, the situation that cropped up at Macondé because of falling rocks… And, the possible degeneration of the Chamarel road.

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