Rodrigues: Plastic Bag Or No Plastic Bag?

The law of banning plastic bags to be implemented in Rodrigues is being disputed. While the proponents wish for a greener environment, others have put forth a number of relevant questions concerning the implications of the new law.

banning plastic bags in Rodrigues

New regulations on the selling and use of plastic bags in Rodrigues will soon be implemented; on the 5th of June which marks the World Environment Day. However, the leader of the political party Mouvement Rodriguais (MR) has expressed his views on this new initiative in quite a negative light. According to him, the people are not really for these new rules, and nor do they understand the implications fully. They are sceptic as to the consequences of the regulations on their daily life.

Richard Payandee, one of the foremost proponents of the ban of plastic bags purports that plastic bags constitute great inconvenience to the environment. According to him, the population has to take this into consideration and act accordingly. In his point of view, the people have actually welcomed the new concept.

What to make of these contradictory statements? Both sides have their own arguments to support their views, and both seem to pull in the approval of the general population.

Those against the ban of plastic bags argue that the proponents of the law are biased, adding that the public has not shown its approval to it, but they have rather not even understood it fully. He wishes to convey the message that the public has not accepted the law which is to be implemented, and that it will only bring in more problems. Other members of the MR, like Franceau Grandcourt and Daniel Spéville, share the same views as their leader. They say that the law has a number of loopholes which should have been worked out by those who formulated it. Alternatives to plastic bags have been proposed. The MR put forward the question as to whether enough raw materials will be available for the artisans to make them? If so, will they be for free or will they have to be bought constituting an additional expense?

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