Sov Nu Laplaz – Opposing Construction Works On Beaches

Mauritius is considered to be a paradise island for it is a complete package: its golden people whose hospitality is always so appreciated, its shopping centers, its multicultural and multiracial social set-up, the harmony that binds all regions of the island, its scenic views, breathtaking sandy beaches. Oh, its beautiful sandy beaches. All good things have an end though, as they say. Our beaches are no exception, are they?



Georges Ah-Yan, president of the organisation Sov Nu Laplaz, complains that our beaches are under a number of threats. Those behind construction works near beaches do not respect the prohibitions imposed on them: construction of a swimming pool at Trou aux Biches has sparked debates recently. The building of the pool had started this year, and in spite of the fact that it is illegal to carry on with the works, as purported by the Ministry of housing and lands, the people have turned a blind eye to it. That is just one of the troubles.

Apart from the swimming pool, a wall making up to one meter is being constructed on the beach itself. Having contacted the authorities before and not having received a response, the people are now desperate as to how to tackle the situation.

Many other beaches are also under such menace: La Cambuse beach will soon be subject to construction works. A new post for coastguards will be built. In order to counter this current situation, the organisation Sov Nu Laplaz is trying to put in efforts together to come up with solutions. They intend to call upon a surveyor to identify clearly how much space of the beach is going to be reduced.

For them, this is going to be a major step forward in line with the aim of their organisation. They are fighting against a number of works on beaches that could potentially damage our marine ecosystem.

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  • What Mauritians still tells me, with bribery or to know someone close to PM, you can do allmost everything on Mauritius.
    I dont know if its true, but surely its quit worrying to listen to.

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