Strict Measures To Discourage Absenteeism in Mauritian Colleges

The Ministry of Education has devised strict measures to deal with the problem of absenteeism in Mauritian Colleges. These will soon be implemented so as to keep in check the absences of students. Since the start of the year, officials from the Ministry, college rectors, teachers and others concerned have been discussing absenteeism at school and how to prevent it.


Absenteeism is quite of a problem in secondary educational institutions. While the youngest students are meticulous concerning their attendance, those of higher classes tend to have high rates of absenteeism, specially those in SC and HSC. Hence, certain measures are being considered by the authorities concerned.

Having discussed their views before during a meeting, the responses of the stakeholders are being awaited. These will be shared during another meeting that has already been scheduled, whereby it is planned to have an exposé of the comments and observations made by those who had enlisted their participation in the first meeting, and so as to come to a conclusion to finalise an action plan with regard to how to deal with absenteeism of students. A number of propositions had been made by teachers, and all of these have to be reviewed.

These suggestions could be implemented into the Education Act which will thus have to be amended in case the ideas and proposals are approved. Of the ways to tackle the problem is to put up a minimum percentage of attendance that is required to be eligible to register for national examinations. The Minister of Education wishes to set the limit at 80%: any student with an attendance below 80% will be banned from sitting for the SC and HSC exams. Another point that has been raised is to cancel the Bus Pass of students during school hours to discourage absenteeism.

Well, well students, seems like the authorities are getting pretty much serious about this. Get accustomed with the idea of going to school on a regular basis!

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