Teacher From New La Tour Koenig School Attacked Days After Being Threatened By A Furious Parent

The teacher from the La Tour Koenig school who had filed a complaint at the police station because a parent of one of his students had threatened to harm him has been attacked while he was travelling to work yesterday. He believes the perpetrator is the parent who had barged into his classroom menacing to beat him up some days ago.

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A teacher from the La tour Koenig school had quite an unpleasant encounter with a parent of one of his students last week. The latter had furiously forced his way into the classroom of the teacher to threaten him because, according to him, his daughter had been injured on the knee because of the teacher in question. The parent purported that the injury was caused by kneeing down as punishment given by the teacher. He had threatened to beat the teacher up. Other members of the teaching staff together with the head teacher tried to calm the parent down. However, because of this incident, the teacher had refrained from going to work, fearing lest he is actually attacked by the parent. He thus applied for some days off work.

Yesterday, the teacher decided to go back to work in spite of what happened. However, on his way to work, he alleged having been attacked while he was on his motorcycle, sustaining injuries that landed him in the hospital. He has been wounded in the legs and thighs. When notifying the police of this, he told them that he was attacked by the parent who had threatened him some days earlier.

From what has been reported, two passengers onboard a motorcycle had approched him while he was around 800 meters from the school. They then kicked him with their feet before fleeing away. The wounded teacher then went to school to inform the administration. He later went to the police station of La Tour Koenig to file a complaint. Police officers brought him to the spot where he was attacked in order to find whatever evidence that could be there, but, to no avail. The teacher also informed the Ministry of Education of the incident.

Some others from the school let out that they are used to having parents coming at school to boisterously and aggressively complain about teachers. Are our teachers not safe in their place of work now? Long ago, parents used to urge teachers to discipline their children if the need arose, and even to punish them if they so deemed it right. Nowadays, the situation has been reversed. Parents bear not a single word said against their children, thus inclining to put all the blame on teachers, leaving the latter in a fix: to discipline kids or not to discipline them, that is the question.

Furious parents attacking teachers
Meanwhile, the toxic ingredients for the making of ill-mannered and undisciplined adults of tomorrow are being brewed.

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