Well Organised Gang of Thieves Attacking Victims With Cutters in Port Louis

The police is on the look-out for thieves attacking their victims with cutters before robbing them of their valuables. They have struck twice already, leaving one of the victims wounded.


Dangerous thieves have been on attack twice in a little over 24 hours, once in the capital city of Port-Louis. The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the Metropolitan Police of the south division is currently investigating into the matter in order to stop these men from causing any more harm. From the descriptions furnished by witnesses, the thieves of both attacks are the same people.

Earlier this week, on Tuesday, one of their victims filed a complaint at the police station of Pope Hennessy. As related by the person, he had his mobile phone snatched from him that day at around 15h30 when he went to the toilets of the Jardin de La Compagnie.

The thief made a condition with the man: he would have to meet him near the cinema hall Majestic if he wanted his phone back. The thief was accompanied by another man. When the person went to the place of the meeting, he found both men there. The two who were armed with cutters ripped the man of his gold chain and money amounting to Rs 200, and fled away.

Another person was attacked by the same men, as per the descriptions. The second victim is a bus conductor who was approached by the men on Wednesday at around 17h45. The two men had been travelling in the bus, seated at the back seats. They then went to the bus conductor and assaulted him with the help of their cutters. They robbed him of Rs 4500 from his pocket and another Rs 585 which were in his bag. The driver of the bus had stopped the vehicle when he heard the cries of the bus conductor, but the two thieves had already fled through the emergency door, leaving their victim injured in the face.

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