Waves of Up To 3 Meters at Sea Expected in Mauritius Today – Be Careful

At 7h30 in the morning today, the meteorological station of Vacoas has issued a warning of heavy swells to be expected at sea. The public has been called to be cautious. The warning will probably last till today afternoon. 

According to a forecaster, waves attaining 3 meters crashing onto our coasts have been recorded. The situation will most likely last till the afternoon, as swell waves are usually characterised by a considerably long period. The heavy waves could reach to the beaches, invading the latter. In light of this, the public is called to take the necessary precautionary measures, and going out at sea is strongly discouraged.

What causes these heavy swells?

A swell is formed at sea as a result of winds blowing over a certain area causing waves to be raised at a distance away. The swell waves move from their source of windy area, travelling in the direction of the winds that are the reason behind the initial formation of the sea waves.

The amplitude of the swells determines their effects.

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