New Synthetic Marijuana Called White Widow Spreading in Mauritius

A new synthetic marijuana called White Widow is current spreading its buzz in Mauritius according to recent media reports. But what is White Widow? White Widow is a synthetic marijuana, made in the Netherlands by an Australian seed breeder known as “Shantibaba”. It was initially made for tests in laboratories; animals would have been used to do so (the White Widow was not made for consumption purposes by humans). However, if humans do consume it, it gives them a relaxed feeling, much like other marijuana varieties, like Spice and much more…



White Widow is in fact, a cross made between a sativa from the Brazil and an Indian indica. A plant made from species of far apart continents, as if, enhancing its appeal. Crystals cover up the buds of the White Widow such that they have a white appearance as seen in the picture. It is extremely tolerant to cold climates and can hence be easily grown in countries of Europe by experienced botanists. White Widow exists in many different strains.


Users of the White Widow say it is quite powerful; it ‘does wonders’ in little amounts. Mauritian consumers of drug somehow are showing great interest in the synthetic drug nowadays. From what has been reported in Mauritian newspapers, it is not made in Mauritius, and is only available in certain regions of the island, mostly in the central plateau and in the North. The drug is smoked in water pipes.

The lab-made White Widow is becoming more and more common worldwide. The method of its preparation goes as follows: molecules of cannabinoids are made in the lab and later sprayed over leaves which are to be smoked. They even say it is more powerful than the Black Mamba in terms of the effect. The Black Mamba had been included in the list of harmful drugs under the Dangerous Drugs Act recently.

Since natural cannabis is illegal, people take to this form of the drug, as a way to outwit the law. These types of products are called by many other names like Spice, K2, or Kryptonite. They are even used as potpourri. Some of them, however, are extremely dangerous and have caused health problems to consumers. These kinds of synthetic drugs affect the nervous system and can even cause heart attacks… So, better be careful, people, and stay away from what causes harm!


  • It’s easy to bypass the law with synthetic drugs. This is because the law is too stringent in describing its molecules for any prosecution to occur. You can just replace one atom with another atom and the law has to be revised for any prosecution to take place. If we follow all other countries on this issue we are bound to fail because all others are failing in the control of synthetic drugs. As soon as drug dealers come up with a new molecule, it is bound to be ‘legal’, of course, just because the molecule is not illegal.

  • White Widow that u have showed above is NOT SYNTHETIC!!!!!!

    White Widow Incense is the one synthetic and comes in form of powder..


  • White widow is not a synthtic marijuana. Its a cross from brazil and south india. Cannabis cup and one of main favourites in Canada and California. However, there is a herbal insence named the white widow venom inscense, for short, white widow. Thats 2 different things

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