Whitedot Seized Vehicles To Be Sold By MRA

Vehicles seized in the Whitedot affair will soon be sold out by the MRA which will issue a public call for tender next month.

The Central Criminal Investigation Department had previously seized a number of vehicles in the Whitedot case. The vehicles included a 2×4, 5 cars, and 11 motorcycles belonging to the pizzeria Napoletana. The Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) will be putting these vehicles up for sale. The vehicles are currently at the Lux Shed of the MRA. They had previously transferred from the Line Barracks to the Lux Shed at Mer Rouge.


Picture from Lexpress.mu


The selling of the seized vehicles will be done via the Asset Recovery Office, under the Director of Public Prosecutions. A public call for tender will be issued at the beginning of next month.

A while back, the MRA had seized goods worth Rs 3 millions, and had ultimately destroyed them. Those were counterfeit articles including a Rolex watch, washing machine powders, and clothes. Part of them were destroyed while the rest was sent to the dumping ground of Mare-Chicose.

Why were these disposed of while the seized vehicles will be sold out? Perhaps because the latter are not of fake brands?

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