Winter 2014 Already Made 6900 Cases of Flu and Other Infections in Mauritius

With the recent temperature decreases in Mauritius, an increasing number of people have become vulnerable to contracting the flu virus. Ever since winter has overtaken the island, 6900 such cases have already been recorded: a dazzling figure, much more than last year’s.


Some days back, the cold had begun to infiltrate into our atmosphere – winter was announcing that it was going to be back in a short while. The cold had been tingling us more and more, as the gradual transition from summer to winter evolved. The change in season every year brings along its wake a number of flu cases. This year, the Ministry of Health has recorded 6900 already: people all across the island have suffered from flu and respiratory infections characteristic of the change in seasons. The 6900 cases culminated during the period between the 12th and the 18th of May, as opposed to 6000 cases recorded last year.


Prevention is better than cure. To keep up with this motto, hospitals have been catering for the vaccination of those prone to contract flus and infections, specially children, old people and those suffering from chronic respiratory diseases. Everyone can get himself vaccinated to be protected from flus; health centers as well have made the necessary arrangements.

The meteorological station of Vacoas has forecast that the temperatures across the island will fluctuate unstably. This implies that more and more cases of flu and other infections will most probably occur. Yesterday, the temperature at Grand-Bassin was noted to be 18˚C during the day, while just some time back, it was around 22˚C or more. During the night of yesterday, the temperature dropped to 14˚C on the central plateau.

Readers, be prepared for it to get colder and colder!

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