World Champion of Kick-Boxing: A Mauritian WINS!

James Agathe, the world champion of low-kick seven months ago, now is the proud winner of the world championship of kick-boxing. It seems that James Agathe cannot help but be the CHAMPION everywhere he goes.

Mauritians are known to sparkle everywhere they go, right? Some, though, do not just shine bright, but they downright explode into fireworks! James Agathe is one of them. He happens to be a Mauritian kick-boxer who is now the proud bearer of the title world champion of kick-boxing. Yesterday, he won the final match against Russian Drobinin Aleksandr, at 2-1.


Mauritius has won a total of 4 medals: one gold, one silver, and two bronze.


Another Mauritian finalist, Burtlan Simiss was, however, defeated by a player from Kazakstan, Nurken Tilegenov.The last round Burtlan Simiss went through was said to be a challenging one. Previously, he had fought his way to the finals by defeating Russian Mestnikov Aiaal. He had participated in the competition last year as well. Funnily enough, he had to face the same opponent as the final round last year, when he won the silver medal.

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