FIFA World Cup 2014: Sales of HD TV Sets Rises in Mauritius

The FIFA World Cup is approaching and football fans all around the world are already getting excited. People are preparing themselves to be able to watch the matches, wanting to make the experience as awesome as it could get. What’s watching football without the proper equipment, huh? Traders have noticed a surge in the sales of television sets, and this has been the case since the beginning of this year itself. From the start of February, Dragon Electronics has noticed an increase of 15% in the sales of televisions in the 8 branches of its shops spread all over the island.


Generally, the company sells around 350 television sets per month, as an officer responsible of the department of Marketing and Retail at Dragon Electronics said. However, going by the numbers, it is expected for around 1500 television to be sold in the month of May. People are increasingly buying new television sets because they wish to watch the football matches comfortably well, and the market providing for this luxury sure will exploit this to increase the sales.

A discount of 7% to 25% will be made on many brands of television. Mauritians are showing more and more interest for the Smart TV and the 3D ones. The normal price of a Smart TV is at Rs 38 000. Now, because of the World Cup discounts, it will be available at Rs 29 995. Even those who are not fans of football could seize this opportunity to buy the dream TV set they always wanted.

Consumers show a certain preference to those televisions imported from South Africa and South Korea. So, the traders have already prepared their stock of most wanted TV sets. Moreover, the World Cup event coincides with Mothers’ Day, hence the sales of TVs sure are expected to rocket.

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