Yashika Allegedly Under Death Threats Will Sit For Her A-Level Exams Soon

The Mauritian student who had recently been deported from the UK, Yashika Bageerathi, is in the news again. She was made to leave England in April, just some time before she was to take her A-level examinations. Her friends and teachers had greatly protested to her deportation, but to no avail. The authorities had ensured her that she would be able to sit for the exams once she settled in Mauritius. As promised, she now will be having her exams in the coming three weeks for mathematics, applied mathematics and science subjects.


Yashika is determined to pass the exams in spite of all the frantic events she went through weeks ago. However, she still thinks that her life is under menace on the island because of the death threats she said having been victim to before. Therefore, she prefers keeping away from the public, and not divulge her whereabouts. She will take the examinations in all confidentiality as well. Zoe Thompson, the deputy principal of the educational institution Yashika used to go to in UK, said that they were making the necessary arrangements for the young girl to have her exams in secret, with the support of the British Council. After the exams, they will find her a place to live where she will be safe.

Since this case had received a lot of media coverage, people have been freely expressed their opinions regarding this issue. While some sympathise with Yashika, others say that this has been blown out of proportion. Is she really under some death menace? Can’t the Mauritian authorities provide her with protection? Some argue that this is giving Mauritius negative publicity: a little island lost in the Indian Ocean unable to ensure that one of its citizens is safe from death threats. But how to help her and protect her if she has not told the authorities about her whereabouts?

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