Young Man Dies of Over-consumption of Alcohol at Rose Hill

A young man, inhabitant of Stanley, Rose-Hill, was found dead yesterday, the circumstances of which are quite peculiar. Analysis of the corpse suggests that he might have died as a result of excessive alcohol consumption.


They say, even good things in excess are bad for the health. Everything should be taken in the right amount; be it healthy food, water, and, even love and hate, right? Now, how about those things whose moderate consumption is emphasised time and again, alcohol being one of them? The detrimental effects of overindulgence in alcohol are known to us all, but, sometimes, the situation degenerates beyond what we normally know. A young man of 26 years old learned this the hard way – he supposedly died of an overdose of alcohol.

When the police was informed of his death, the corpse of the young man was transported to Victoria hospital at Candos. The autopsy results show that his death was triggered by a pulmonary oedema – an oedema occurs as a result of excess accumulation of fluids in the body tissues and cavities. The oedema was possibly caused by an excessive consumption of alcohol – the air spaces of the lungs were flooded with fluids, impairing the normal process of breathing in and out. It is said that the victim had spent Saturday night drinking and did not wake up yesterday morning; the hangover sadly stretched into the realms of death.

Toxicological analysis of the samples of the corpse were sent to the Forensic Science Laboratory. An investigation is ongoing to shed light on the affair.

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