Air Mauritius Accumulated Net Profits of 7.3 Millions Euros

Two years of financial difficulty later, Air Mauritius has made its way out of the dangerous waters with a net profit of 7.3 millions euros. This was, however, just one step forward: the road stretching forth from here is ridden with challenges and tests.

Profits by Air Mauritius

After having known two difficult financial years, Air Mauritius has now reaped massive profits. The turnover has reached up to 459 millions euros, while the net profits have amounted to 7.3 millions euros. The president of the board of directors, Dass Thomas, has expressed his great pleasure and satisfaction at the enormous progress the company made, specially after having gone through pecuniary troubles just some time back. According to him, the positive result only confirms that they had previously chosen the correct strategy to boost and propel the company forward in an economic world where staying afloat is really challenging.

Their strategy was based on the 7 Step Plan that was launched in 2012. Now, the challenging task is to keep the ongoing trend and, not sink like before. Dass Thomas himself has admitted that so much more has to be done; this was just one step that was made, while much of the journey lies ahead. The company has to now carry on with its development programs, like renewing their fleet of airplanes. They already have begun the discussions for the purchase of airplanes from Boeing and Airbus.

Another aspect of their plan is to provide quality service to their clients. This would require for the improvement of their commercial strategies. The efficient use of resources is yet another important factor to be able to manage the balance between expenses and costs. Moreover, the world economy renders things more difficult: the price of petrol is quite expensive at 108 American dollars per barrel.

On the brigt side of things, the profits generated by the company also impact on the country’s economy. Since Air Mauritius plays a primary role in the tourist sector which is one of the pillars of Mauritian economic activities, its profits can be extrapolated to the country’s.

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