mercedes car damaged

Angry Students Vandalised Teacher’s Mercedes Car at Rose Belle

Some students of a college in Rose-Belle showed their opposition to the disciplinary committee of the institution by indulging in acts of vandalism, damaging the private properties of the teachers and heads of administration.

mercedes car damaged

Photo via The Gazette

People complain of the younger generation being so averse to discipline, while the latter deem disciplinary measures to be unjust – at least, that is the general picture being painted. Some students from a college in the village of Rose-Belle have reacted to the discipline being imposed by the college administration. Twelve days ago, they had messed up with the car of one of the heads. They followed that incident up with another misdemeanor on Tuesday morning by damaging the car of the head of the disciplinary committee. Even if the disciplinary committee were to be too harsh, would vandalism be the answer?

During the school recess, the students threw a cement block from the second floor of the school building on the car of the president of the committee. As for the first attempt of theirs to damage teachers’ property, they had hurled stones onto the vehicle of the Deputy Rector from outside the premises of the college.

The head of the disciplinary committee filed a police complaint, reporting the incident. He explained that being in the position that he holds at the educational institution, he has had to reprimand those students who had been absent from classes, and maybe this is what pushed some students to vandalize his car.

Other teachers of the college have shared their views about the institution not being a safe place… Last Friday, during the music day celebrations, a student was refused entrance into the school by an attendant because he was not clad in school uniform. Displeased by the state of events, the student attacked the attendant. In spite of this, the school did not file a complaint to the police.

Now when the situation is proceeding into dangerous waters, the police was informed. Police officers went to the college yesterday to collect fingerprints.

However, the students do not seem to be intimidated. According to a teacher, some students have issued threats to the administration on Tuesday 24th on Facebook.

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