Bharat Telecom Struggling With Losses Despite Rs 19.61 millions Turnover

Bharat Telecom’s turnover have increased nine-fold over a period of a year. However, despite having made a huge turnover, the company has made a net loss because of the other expenses it has to undertake.

BHARAT TELECOM MADE LOSSESBharat Telecom, one of the the Internet Service Providers (ISP) in the country, has shown some massive growth in one year’s time. The sum of turnover recorded for this year has been Rs 19.61 millions, compared to Rs 2.15 millions the year before. However, in spite of the huge amount of money bagged by the company, the operating expenses have yet again exceeded the profits generated. The expenses of the company have increased from Rs 42.35 millions last year to Rs 97.92 in 2014. Hence, as a result, the losses faced by the company have doubled as well: from Rs 40.19 millions to Rs 78.31 millions.

Bharat Telecom provides access to the internet via optic fiber. The town of Quatre-Bornes had been the first to have full coverage in October 2012. The other towns followed afterwards. Arrangements are being made for other regions of the country as well.

The company would have to increase its number of shares on the markets to be able to keep up with the fierce competitors. However, it wishes to first enhance its quality of service before embarking on a vying mission.

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