indian wedding mauritius

Big Fat Indian Weddings in Mauritius – And that costs about Rs 9 million daily!

Generally, the wedding day is one of the most important events of one’s life – everything has to be just perfect. Well, some go to lengths to make of this day a memorable one. A well-off Indian family has spent millions to celebrate a wedding in the big-fat-Indian-wedding style at Belle-Mare.

indian wedding mauritius

Extremely affluent Indian families are well-known for their knack at organising big fat weddings. Spending pretty millions over weddings, the ceremonies of which last for some days, have been embedded into their culture. Following this new trend, a couple from India, Daksh and Meetu, have travelled all the way from India to Mauritius to celebrate their wedding. The love-birds, originating from Mumbai, will be united in the bond of marriage tomorrow, at the Long Beach hotel at Belle-Mare. The ceremony will take place on the sunny and sandy beach.

According to Darren Moodely, deputy commercial director of the hotel, the organisations of these types of wedding start off nine months in advance, and, sometimes, even a year before the grand event. He also relates how Indians prefer bringing in their own chefs so that the meals and dishes are prepared to suit their taste. The Long Beach personnel are accustomed to weddings of this nature: uptil now, many Indian weddings of this scale have been celebrated on the premises of the hotel. It has even been booked for many more for the rest of the year.

The ideal big fat Indian wedding is only perfect with hundreds of guests. The accommodation of some 400 guests in a five-star hotel for big fat weddings costs more than Rs 9 millions. Well, well, “if you have it, flaunt it”, as they say. Some sure leave not a single stone unturned.

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