Chamarel Overloaded With Diverted Traffic

In the aftermath of the damage of the road at Macondé caused by a falling rock, the roads of Chamarel are now having to endure additional traffic. The infrastructure in Chamarel is said to be inadequate to accommodate for the increase in traffic. Moreover, the inhabitants in the neighboring regions are complaining of the transport facilities put at their disposal.


It’s been a little over than a month since the road at Macondé has been closed because of the huge rock that fell off from the cliff damaging the road which is thus undergoing construction works for its reparation. Since then, inhabitants who would previously travel along the dangerous turn at Macondé have had to change their travel routes. As a consequence, it is the village of Chamarel that has been congested with traffic because of the road diversions.

Now, road security at Chamarel ha become an issue. The road network of the village is said to be inadequate to support the increase in traffic. According to the village officials, many things have to be reviewed. For instance, the speed limits will have to be modified to cater for the changes: speed limits of 60 km/h will have to be decreased further, in their opinion, because of the great numbers of vehicles travelling along the roads of Chamarel. Moreover, the road sides are not equipped with pavements for pedestrians, who will thus face a greater risk of accident. They have also pointed out that more measures have to be taken near the primary school of Sainte-Anne to prevent any accident, since the drivers have the tendency to speed their way through. For now, the road from Chamarel leading to Case Noyale is being re-asphalted.

The village officials have communicated their views to the authorities, hoping that they will be taken into consideration.

Complaints about bus shuttles

Free-transport bus shuttles had been put at the disposal of the inhabitants. The latter now complain that the schedules followed by the shuttles are inadequate: the time table is restricted in scope and the shuttles are already crowded before arriving at certain spots, exacerbating the problem of limited shuttles. Also, since the bus shuttles are driven to only a limited distance, people have to take additional buses, hence adding to their transport expenses.

Yesterday, a meeting was held at the district council of Rivière-Noire to put things into perspective in order to improve the said facilities available to the people in the aftermath of the damage done to the Macondé road.

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