Upcoming Project: Collecting Rain Water Compulsory in Port Louis

The deputy mayor of Port-Louis announced their intention to launch a project whereby the collection of rainwater will be made compulsory in the capital. By the end of June, it will be finalized. Buildings will be included with the proper equipment, but, nothing is confirmed yet for houses.

rainwater collectionRainwater is an invaluable resource that we often take for granted. Water is life, and yet, we still do not treasure it enough. We only feel its importance when we are short of it, as in seasons of drought. Otherwise, we waste it without giving it a second thought, nor do we actively preserve it when it rains down on us – we leave the job to the reservoirs. How about collecting the rainwater individually?

In an attempt to preserve water, the deputee mayor of Port-Louis, Phalraj Servansingh, has proclaimed the intention to realise a project whereby the collection of rainwater for buildings and houses in the capital will be made compulsory. The deputee mayor addressed the public in these terms during the inauguration of a system of rainwater collection of the Mauritius Council of Social Service (MACOSS) on the 23rd of June.

Before implementing the project, the legal implications have to be thouroughly studied. The deputee mayor has also stated that they are still considering whether to include residential buildings in this project. By the end of this month, everything will have been sorted, and they will be able to formally submit the proposal for the project. The project would be implemented by next year. The municipal centers would be the first to be equipped with the system allowing for rainwater collection.

As for the project of the MACOSS, several non-governmental organisations will be equipped with an ecological system of collection of rainwater. This is just one step forward for a greener society: the MACOSS also intends to launch an eco-friendly system for the provision of electricity as well.

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