Mauritian College Rector Seizes Mobile Phone of Student But Gets Tagged as THIEF!

A rector of a college in the north of the island will go to great lengths to have discipline maintained at school. However, when he confiscated the mobile phone of a student, refusing to give it back even when requested by the mother of the latter, he was accused of theft.


Discipline is said to be one of the values that are being lost more and more in our contemporary society. Teachers are always attesting of how students nowadays do not behave in a disciplined manner. Where to draw the line though? The generation gap has been widening like never before making it difficult to reconcile between both parties. A rector of a private secondary education institution who holds discipline at heart has learned the hard way that not everyone sees things in the same light. When a student arrived in class with her mobile phone thereby trespassing the rules, he confiscated the device. As a result, he was accused of theft on the 28th of May. After bailing his way out – paying a bail of Rs 3600 – he was freed from the clutches of the law.

Now, talks are circulating that the rector of the college in question had once been accused of sexual harassment by the same student. However, the case was not dragged to the police station by the family of the girl who had only threatened to do so to the rector.

If he has been accused of theft, it was only because of his strict application of the rules of discipline. When the mother of the student requested to have the phone back, he flatlty refused to do so.

They are now talking about the character of the man. The people of the village in which the college is situated are saying that he has always been an uncompromising man. He had once driven to a bus stop where students who had bunked classes were. He went to snatch away their bags so as to compel them to get back in class. More surprisingly, two girls of the college had even attempted to kill themselves by throwing themselves from a cliff two months ago. Some parents of the students of the school were campaigning against the rector to the management of the institution, but nothing was to come out from their efforts.

Yesterday, some other people were alleging that he had been arrested for sexual harassment, which is, according to what has been reported, false allegations.

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