College Tablets: How New-Gen Kids Are Bypassing So-Called Security Restrictions in Mauritius

It was only a matter of time for the students to tamper with the security settings! The tablets had restricted settings, allowing access only to the educational programs made available to the students. However, students have been able to access to other websites. So easy was it for them to bypass the restrictions!

Students changing security parameters on tablets

Tablets were given out to form five students some weeks back with the aim to facilitating learning with the assistance of technological devices. The tablets were to be equipped with educational programs only. Students would not be able to access other websites via the tablets. However, as we all know, where there are rules, there are also rule-breakers, right?

How are the tablets unlocked?

Many students have already tried to unlock their way through to other websites, namely online social networks and the likes. They have easily succeeded in their attempts; kids of the new generation are specially adept with these tools, are they not?

The security parameters were easily changed by many students for them to be able to access to websites of their interest. Basic knowledge of computing is sufficient to play with the security parameters to one’s own advantage. The students have downloaded the UC System Browser and from there, they were able to have access to the online social networks, including Skype. Formatting the tablet allows for them to download just about any application they so wish to have.

What to make of the parental control that has as purpose to restrict unlimited access to the world of internet on the tablets? Well, the young people have also managed to outwit this. All they have to do is exiting ‘Kids Play’, and entering the code found at the back of the tablet. And, then, game on! Yea seriously it’s that easy.

So, now, the students have made of the educational tool an entertainment one as well! What will the authorities do to counteract the astuteness of the young people? Well, the Ministry held a meeting in this regard on Saturday 22nd of June. Any modification to the tablet would entail a penalty: those trespassing the rules would have to pay fines in case they are caught.

Penalty for Creativity? (pun intended)

But, we have to admit it: it was only an easy task for the students to bypass the restrictions. Kids of today can tamper with the settings of such devices with their eyes closed, can’t they?! Could we have expected them not to?

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