‘Free’ College Tablets Come With A Rs 650 FEE!

A while back, tablets were being distributed in some colleges as a first step of the project launched by the government. However, now, a further step includes the payment of a fee for the students to finally obtain their tablets.

'FREE' TABLETSThis year marks the beginning of a new era in education: the first step was taken to pull Mauritius further into the highly advanced technological world where sophisticated devices are the order of the day. In line with this, the government had launched a project whereby tablets would be distributed to students of form five all around the island. Gaetan Raynal College and Mauritius College already had some of the tablets distributed in April. While some schools already had the privilege of having their tablets, others had to wait some more time to be able to hold in their possession the tablets.

Where FREE has a price tag

The official distribution of tablets to the form five students will start off on the 9th of June. However, for everything to go smoothly, some of the procedures have to be finalised first… To the outrage of many parents.

fee to pay for tablets

Parents are going to have to put in a fee of Rs 650 for their offspring to obtain their tablets. Rectors of schools have to do the necessary before the 5th of June to collect this fee from parents. This fee is compulsory to be paid for this year, while it will become an optional fee for next year. However, certain exceptions will be allowed: orphaned students whose names are recorded in the Social Security office.

Well, some are really surprised that “tablets for free” now come with a FEE.

Theft, damage, or loss

In case of theft, or loss, or even damage to the devices, an investigation will be opened before the tablets are reimbursed.

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