Iran Missiles

Iran Threatens USA Base at Diego Garcia With New Ballistic Missile.

Considered a safe and well positioned military base, Diego Garcia now faces a direct threat from Iran. Iran’s new ballistic missiles are now able to hit targets within 5000 km range, according to an explicit warning by a senior Iranian official: Majatba Dhualnuri.

Iran Missiles

“In the event of a mistake on the part of the United States, their bases in Bahrain and (Diego) Garcia will not be safe from Iranian missiles,” said the Iranian Revolutionary Guards advisor.

The Iranian government and leaders have until now only admitted to possess ballistic missiles which can hit targets within 2000 km range and which were not at all a direct threat to US military bases like Diego Garcia and Bahrain.

Diego Garcia, an island rented to the UK by Mauritius, houses major Air Force, Naval, Submarine, Space and communication facilities for the US military.

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