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Jennifer Lopez In Mauritius For Private Billionaires’ Show

Jeniffer Lopez is allegedly in Mauritius for a private show for the sake of billionaire Arab princes – that is what the rumours are about anyway. How true is this? If true, has JLo declined to be part of the opening ceremony of the World Football Cup just to be part of the show in Mauritius?

jennifer lopez

Rumours had been circulating about Jennifer Lopez (JLo) not being part of the show for the World Football Cup for a while now. Last week, it was officially announced by the FIFA that the acclaimed singer will not participate in the opening ceremony of the colossal event. The song for the World Cup, We are one, was to be performed by three singers, one of whom is JLo.

Why having changed plans?!

Why has the singer cancelled the previous plans at practically the last minute? It has been reported that JLo has not enlisted her participation for the opening ceremony because of certain reasons having to do with production issues. That was just some days before finalising everything.

Now, other rumours are going from mouth to mouth. It is being said that JLo, together with David Guetta, have already landed in Mauritius for a private show for a group of Arab millionaires. What is also being said is that around one hundred models would also be part of the show. Who are those who managed to convince JLo to decline her participation in the World Cup ceremonies?!

Allegedly, it is a group of Arab princes who have arrived in Mauritius in their private jets and have since been the subject of VVIP service. However, those in charge of the procedures to entertain the guests have not commented anything on the subject, though some employees of the airport have confirmed that a number of private jets have indeed landed on the island.

Rumours are abounding about the activities of the said guests. It is said that they have chosen five-star hotels in the East and South of the island. The one in the East would allegedly be where the private show will be held. If all these really are true, the hotels surely would not let anything out. They are known for their discretion. They have supposedly enhanced their security systems to prevent any breach on privacy.

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