KFC Meals in Mauritius Served With Plastic & Nails?

“How would you like your chicken, dear customer? Crispy, tasty, with mayonnaise, ketchup, and plastic&nails?” You would think that that is how it goes at the KFC food joints. The firm owning the famous fast-food franchise Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) in Mauritius has been dragged to court because of complaints of customers who found pieces of plastic and nail in their chicken some years ago.

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We are what we eat – so, obviously, when we are paying for the food that we eat, we expect for it to live to our expectations. And, when we are displeased, God help those responsible for the bad quality of the food! That is how the firm Pick n Eat, the owner of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has been dragged to court after dissatisfied customers filed complaints against it. A young man had once discovered a piece of plastic in his chicken, while a woman had to bear an even more unpleasant incident: a piece of nail in the chicken. The firm was thus condemned to the payment of a fine amounting to Rs 5000 for the first case, and a fine of Rs 2000 for the latter case.

The firm has then appealed to the supreme court.

Plastic Fried Chicken?

The first case goes back to the 25th April 2012. The young man had gone to the KFC joint situated at La Place Cathédrale at Port-Louis for lunch and has ordered three pieces of crispy. According to what the man reported, when he took some bites into the chicken, he felt something weird under his teeth. Guess what, he discovered a piece of plastic embedded into his chicken. He therefore filed a complaint at the sanitary office, bringing the piece of chicken as evidence, which was later brought to the state laboratory for analysis. It was then confirmed that the weird object was indeed a piece of plastic that had been cooked together with the chicken. Uh-oh.

But, seriously, the second case sounds so much more disturbing.

Ramsay’s Gonna Be Angry! Nail?

The second case dates from more than 10 years back: on the 29th October of 2001. The woman who reported the case narrated that it all happened at the KFC joint of Beau-Bassin. She was accompanied by her 5-year old son. The latter screamed in pain on biting his piece of chicken. When his mother looked into the matter, she discovered a piece of nail inside the chicken. She had then filed a police complaint.

Incidents like these are what discourage some people from buying fast food. Well, it’s a risky situation, right?

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