Mauritius Deer Hunting Season 2014 Kicks Off

The first of June marks the beginning of the deer hunting season. Hunting is expected to have promising results this year, as opposed to the previous years. However, this joyous occasion is not awaited by hunters only…

deer season

Deer hunting season is out! For three months now, the hunters will be out there, defying the cold and winter rains, just to be able to lay their hands on their preys. The hunting season has begun since the 1st of this month. From yesterday, 72 hunts have been opened for hunters. According to the statistics from the Society of Hunters of Mauritius, the game will be much better this year, specially in the west of the island. Around 12 000 deers are expected to be hunted, as was the case for the previous years. However, with the favourable climatic conditions that reigned this year, the game will be larger and heavier.

Hunting has certain guidelines though. The hunters are to respect a strict code of conduct spelled out by the Wildlife Act. For instance, does (female deers) are not killed for the sake of the fawns who need to be looked after by their mothers. Otherwise, the types of deers to be killed are decided by the director of the property where the hunt takes place.


However, with the opening of the hunting season, poachers are also involved. Deer meet is more easily circulated by the poachers in this period of time. The Society of Hunters have taken into consideration the threat posed by poaching, the greatest of their fears being the danger to which the employees working during the hunting season are exposed to, specially that recently poaching has taken a new level. They have already discussed the situation with the police.

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