Mauritius Telecom – Rs 1.4 billions Net Profit For Ending Year

The company Mauritius Telecom has been making huge successes as the recorded profits have been demonstrating. It has also invested much in new projects to improve the service it provides to its clients.

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Mauritius Telecom has been rejoicing over its abounding profits that have been culminating yearly for some time now. In 2013, the profits were at Rs 6.9 billions. Deducting the taxes, it made around Rs 1.4 billions. Things could not be better. Or, maybe, they could have…

In spite of the alluringly huge sums of money having made their way into the coffers of the company, the success the company had in 2012 has not been able to be reproduced. In 2012, the profits were recorded to have been at Rs 1.8 billions. However, the company has committed itself to a number of other projects, whereby huge investments were made. For instance, it had to pour in money for network and information systems. Furthermore with the aim to boost the SMS service, it had purchased a new server, such that, now, 500 text messages can be sent every second without any trouble.

The president of the board of directors of Mauritius Telecom, Asraf Dulull, states that the success of these projects is glaring for all to see, highlighting how the goal of the company is to provide quality service to its clients by assisting them with the latest technologies. The number of clients have increased for internet services, including for broadband. The company prides itself with around 1.3 millions of clients.

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