Mon Tresor Airport City – Ambitious Growth of Mauritius Aviation Hub

Omnicane Ltd had taken upon itself the responsibility of setting up an airport city in the vicinity of the SSR airport. As the first phase has been completed, more and more developments in the pipeline are being carried forward.

Mon Tresor project

The opening of the new SSR airport, which was recently acclaimed as the best airport in the Indian Ocean, has triggered a series of other developmental projects in the south of the island. The new airport had necessitated huge investments of more than Rs 14 billions, and, now, more financial input is to be made by other firms to keep up with the trend. Omnicance is currently planning to build an airport city. They have named the project as follows: Mon Trésor Airport City. A land area of 400 hectares has already been identified for the purpose.

They have been working on a development model already. The aim is to tap the most of the future aviation hub in order to propel the SSR Airport higher up the socioeconomic ladder in the region of Africa.

The first phase of the project is completed: the business hotel Hiliday Inn has been functional since March. Now, the road infrastructure will be enhanced so as to facilitate access to the airport. Further down the line are projects to set up touristic spots as well as residential areas comprising 800 units of loging. An urban zone together with a semi-urban center will be included in the airport city. Around 33 hectares of land will be allocated to a business zone, which will be named Airport Business Park.

Omnicane has estimated that this massive project will generate around 5000 jobs.

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