New Road Layouts & Construction Works At Ebene Cybercity To Start In 2 Weeks

Construction works at the Ebene Cybercity will soon start off in two weeks’ time. This would most likely create quite some disturbance for those who work there as well as those having to travel through the Cybercity. However, the authorities will see to it that no major disturbance occurs.

Ebene construction works

The construction project which has been made possible by a massive investment of around Rs 400 millions will be done taking into consideration the usual road traffic at Ebene. The road infrastructure at the cybercity has mostly been considered to be inadequate. Business Parks of Mauritius Limited (BPML) thus decided to review the road system of that zone. Several of the roads will be enlarged, to the relief of many. People having to travel along the roads of the cybercity are forever complaining about the problems posed by the narrowness of the roads. The roads have been planned to be of around seven to eight meters in width.

Additionally, the construction project will cater for many more needs:

  1. Round-abouts will be included.
  2. The different roads will be given names as well.
  3. Pavements will be installed.
  4. Parking spaces will be made available. Around 900 vehicles will be accommodated.

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