The Plastic Bag Ban in Rodrigues Initiated A Tug of War

Plastic bags are now officially banned from use and sales in Rodrigues, and what better day to implement this decision but the World Environment Day? However, the population seems to be disgruntled about the new rules and regulations.

banning plastic bags in Rodrigues

Go green with the ban on plastic bags has been the aim of Rodrigues for the World Environment Day 2014. The decision had already been taken some time back and has been symbolically implemented today. An official ceremony was held at Port Mathurin today morning whereby the new law was announced. Now that plastic bags have been banned, alternatives will have to be made available on the market – a responsibility upon artisans who had their items exposed for sale during the ceremony of today.

Though not everyone is satisfied with the new rules and regulations…

To make sure that the law is respected, Enforcement Officers have been appointed, of whom some are rangers. However, the latter refuse to make people pay fines for trespassing. They contacted their syndicate and argue that issuing fines for this purpose had never been included in their scheme of duty.

Traders had also shown their disapproval to the new rules. They had thus made an appeal to the Supreme Court against the Regional Assembly calling for the cancellation of these regulations. As the representative of the Regional Assembly had failed to present to court on the previous appointed date, the case has been postponed to the 12th of June.

The aim of the ban is to make of Rodrigues an eco-friendly island. The proponents of the new law hold on dearly to their goal and they stated that they will launch campaigns against those who are opposing it.

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  • this is a very courageous decision traders knew only their pocket not the environment. in mauritius who are those enforcement officer enforcing law without fine name them. a big clap to the RRA i have listen the minister for environment speach go and listen and comment.

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