EIILM Mauritius

Predicament of Students of The EIILM University

The students of the EIILM University are in a fix. No institution acknowledges their qualifications, not even banks for that matter. The PSSA, the University of Technology, the Youth Employment Programme all do not recognise their certificates. Indignated by this state of affairs, several students went to the Director of the university, Sunil Jeetah, requesting him to accompany them to the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) to discuss a solution to their predicament.

EIILM Mauritius

Sunil Jeetah finally gave in to the students. He had previously accused the TEC of being the only one responsible for not recognising the students of the EIILM.

The university is now negotiating with the British university Aberysthwyth so that the latter replaces the EIILM as awarding body. If this works out, the EIILM university would be able to welcome new students. However, this would still not solve the problem of those who are currently students at the university, nor for those who already finished their studies.

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