Presence of Petrol Reserves in Mauritian Waters Confirmed By Indian Scientists

Mauritius had sought foreign expertise to draw out a topographic map of its marine zones. The scientists in charge with the task went beyond merely drawing maps: they found the potential existence of oil reserves in Mauritian waters.

petrol reserve in mtius

Indian scientists on board of the INS Nirdeshak had been entrusted with the mission to draw the marine topographic map of the maritime zone of Mauritius. A number of studies, amounting to seven, have been done since 2005 with this aim. However, the scientists have not restricted themselves to just drawing out the map. They have also shown interest in the search for petrol in the territory of Mauritius. The implications of such a discovery are indeed daunting as well as exciting.

The theory of the existence of petrol in the economic zone exclusive to Mauritius has been confirmed by the Indian scientists with the assistance of Russian experts. The professor Soordursun Jugessur, pro-chancellor of the University of Mauritius relayed the news to L’express yesterday.

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