Recording of Conversation Between Drivers and Police Officers on Mauritian Roads – ICAC New Proposal

Police officers are often tempted with bribes by drivers at checkpoints. The ICAC attests to the high number of such practices. Sometimes, policemen are even falsely accused of such charges. In order to curtail this problem, the ICAC put forward the proposal to record the conversation between drivers and policemen – a method employed by other countries already.


The Independent Commission against Corruption (ICAC) has proposed a method to deal with the repetitive issues that police officers have to deal with, specially those working at road checkpoints: drivers’ attempts at bribing policemen to get away with speeding, and sometimes, the false allegations people stick onto the back of the officers. The ICAC related that during this year, 64 complaints of bribes have been registered against policemen. The year 2013 witnessed around 112 while 2012 had 153. The way to finally put a stop to these hassles, according to what the ICAC said in its June newsletter, would be to equip the police officers with portable radios.

The portable radios would be activated during the conversational exchange between police officers and drivers of vehicles. The conversation would thus be recorded and saved, standing as evidence. This measure is applied in other countries whereby the driver can refuse to talk to the police officers if the latter do not record the conversation. The ICAC will soon communicate this idea to the Commisioner of the police. It also wishes to educate the public of this method, so that they are not averse to the idea without understanding what it really means and what it aims at.

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