Search For Missing Malaysian Airline Continues South of Indian Ocean

Now that weeks have gone by, talks about the Boeing 777 of the Malaysian Airlines have died out. But, the searches for the airplane are still on: the authorities responsible are not giving up. The Australian vice prime minister recently announced that the search team will now direct their searches to the south of the Indian Ocean.


The zone that has been prioritised for the searches is focused around the 7th arc where the airplane was last in contact with the satellite. Now, they are looking for debris at the southern extreme of that arc, according to their calculations.

The mystery behind the disappearance of the airplane is still foggy. Nothing has been confirmed yet; the experts have only made speculations, but as long as the airplane will remain lost and un-found, nothing definite can be said. The new zone has been defined after new calculations based on the data obtained from satellites, and additional information from radars. The experts think that the airplane was on the autopilot mode because otherwise, it would not have been able to follow the pathways drawn out by the satellite data.

The new phase of the search will start off in August, and will last for around a year to be able to cover the 60 000-kilometer zone. 60 millions Australian dollars have been invested to realise the project – an unprecendented investment.

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