Should Teachers No Longer Form Part of Disciplinary Committees At Schools?

The president of the FCSOU argues that teachers should not hold positions in disciplinary committees at school because they are the ones having to bear the brunt of angry students. He claimed that several teachers have gone through the ordeal where their vehicles have been vandalised by students because of discipline issues.
vandalised Mercedes car at Sookdeo Bissoondoyal State College Rose Belle
The president of the Federation of Civil Service and Other Unions (FCSOU Mauritius), Naraindranath Gopee, commented on the cases of indiscipline at school which are growing more and more common. He said that ultimately, it is the teachers who have to bear the negative consequences when it comes to indiscipline at school – consequences entailing the revenge of angry students. According to him, the teachers should not hold positions in the disciplinary committee. He backed up his point of view by highlighting the recent incident at a college in the village of Rose-Belle where some students vandalised the Mercedes car of a teacher because the latter who was a member of the disciplinary committee had to ensure the rules were respected. The students had thrown a cement block onto the vehicle from the second floor of the school building.

Naraindranath Gopee added that other teachers forming part of the disciplinary committees of other schools have had similar experiences. Most of the times, the students damage the vehicles of the teachers, which is probably the easiest way for the students to ‘get even’ at the teachers who have compelled them to abide by the rules and regulations.

The recent incidents, as if, spell out that teachers themselves are not safe at their place of work. What is the new generation turning into? School was once a place where students would safely learn both school subjects and discipline. School is meant to be a peaceful place, where both teachers and students evolve into better individuals. Now, the property of the teachers on the premises of the school are not safe. Shouldn’t immediate and drastic measures be put into force to curb this trend?

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