New Terre Rouge-Verdun Link Road Reduces Port Louis Traffic By 36%

The new road networks have proved to have greatly decreased the traffic jam that would long ago be characteristic of the capital of Port-Louis. The number of vehicles travelling through the capital decreased from 26000 to 9500. People now reach their destinations in less time (around 10 to 40 minutes less) than long ago.

m3 decreased traffic jam

A survey is being carried out in order to find out about the number of vehicles which travel along the road linking Terre-Rouge to Verdun, also known as M3. According to what the authorities have recorded so far, the road traffic in the capital has diluted by much after the opening of the new road. The traffic congestion decreased by around 36 %. The Traffic Management and Road Safety Unit has made known some of its observations of the M3 road. The conclusions that have been drawn thereof are extremely good.

Back in January, around 26 000 vehicles would travel through Port-Louis daily. The new road has cut down this huge number down to 9500. The investigators posted at the round-about of Valton found out that an average of 5 000 vehicles coming from the north travel to Ebene, the Plaine-Wilhems, and the south on a daily basis. At Calebasses, the vehicles swing from the motorway M2 to the M3 road. Proceeding towards the North of the island everyday, around 4 500 drivers prefer avoiding going through Port-Louis altogether.

Therefore, a total of 9500 vehicles do not travel through Port-Louis to get to their destinations.

Furthermore, more than 5000 avoid the roads at Reduit to travel to Saint-Pierre, La Laura and Dagotière.

The new road network has been of huge benefit to the drivers such that the latter reach Port-Louis in a period of time amounting to around 10 to 40 minutes less than long ago.

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