The JSS Academy Students Considering Transfers To Other Universities

The JSS Academy in Mauritius has encountered problems concerning the acknowledgement of the certificates it issues. The Indian authority which is responsible for it had refused to recognize the degrees by any institution which is not located in the territory of India. Some of the Mauritian students are considering transfers to other universities, but they are still expected to pay for the rest of the years of studies.

JSS Academy

The students of the JSS Academy are at a loss. It is now more than a year that they have been waiting for the authorities to clarify their situation. They do not even know whether they should wait for clearance, or, if they should ask for a transfer to another educational institution. They are a group of around one hundred students who have been in this difficult plight since last year. Back in December 2013, the Council of Registered Professional Engineers (CRPE) had refused to acknowledge the certificates issued by the JSS Academy, as a consequence of the University Grants Commission announcing that it does not recognize any Indian school outside of the territory of India.

Some time back, the Principal of the engineering school, Anand Annegeri had proclaimed that the JSS Academy would be affiliated to the British university of Greenwich as from August. However, the students claimed that when they sought more information about this to the British university, it was said to them that this would only be possible as from 2015, and, surely not before. Tired of this state of affairs, some students have considered asking for a transfer to another institution. The trouble is that, even in this situation, they would have to pay for the studies of the rest of the years. The students are appalled at such a rule.

According to Anand Annegeri, they are currently in negotiation with three foreign universities: Greenwich, Warwick and Teesside. He explains that the politics of their administration demands that payment is made for the rest of the years of studies. How fair and just is this – paying for university fees even after leaving the institution?

The transfers will be considered in July, after the results of the exams are proclaimed. However, these will be dependent on the number of seats available in the institutions affiliated to the Visvesvaraya Technological University. The CRPE has accepted to acknowledge the certificates of students who would complete their studies at the institutions recognised in their country of origin. For instance, for a student having completed one to three years of studies in Mauritius and carried on with the studies in a foreign country, the CRPE will recognise his qualifications as long as it is recognized by the country of origin.

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