Unbelievable Fluctuations In Price of Tomato in Mauritius

The price of tomatoes in Mauritius went from around Rs 20 to Rs 45. Moreover, the price has not stabilized for some time now. What is causing such erratic fluctuations?

fluctuation in price of tomatoes

From around Rs 20 to Rs 30 to Rs 40…

The local price of tomatoes have been fluctuating like never before. Two weeks ago, the price was between Rs 25 to Rs 30 per half kilo. Last week, it went from this range to between Rs 30 and Rs 35, and now, this week, to the horror of consumers, it has reached a new peak: Rs 45. However, the price is not supposed to remain as high; it will most likely decrease to Rs 15, according to tomato sellers. Consumers have gasped unbelievably at this three-fold increase and at the erratic fluctuations in price. Is the price really going to go down?

Low prices also imply good news for sellers, and not only for the consumers. This would allow them to make more sales. A member of the Market Trader’s Association stated that the price of tomatoes should stabilise at around Rs 25 to Rs 35 during this season.

What triggers such fluctuation in prices?

Some have suggested that the fact that some planters do not sell all of their harvest during auction sales impacts on the price. Others are of another opinion. They say that the tomato plant is being affected adversely by some disease that decreases the output, and so, the prices ultimately fluctuate. Yet others argue that an excess of water as a result of the torrential rains at the beginning of May caused the yields to be decreased.

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