Waves of Over 5m88 Recorded At Blue-Bay During Last 2 Days

The heavy swell warning issued on Friday by the meteorologists of Vacoas proved to be accurate. Waves reaching up to four to five meters have hit Mauritius and Rodrigues during the week-end – the greatest wave recorded at the beach of Blue-Bay being at 5 m 88.


The meteorological station of Vacoas had issued a heavy swell warning last Friday. The forecasts had spelled out that huge waves would hit the west and south coasts of both Mauritius and Rodrigues during the week-end. The week-end has indeed been full of reports of waves attaining great heights.

Yesterday at around 14h30, the beach of Blue-Bay witnessed the greatest wave at 5 m 88. A special communiqué was issued to inform the public of the drastic situation. During the day,waves of 4 meters had been recorded in other regions of the west, east and south. Beaches were thus inundated by the waves, specially at the time of high tides. The meteorologists had also warned that the waves will continue to pervade through the south-west coasts of the two islands during the night. Additionally, the experts had mentioned the possibility of having even higher waves of around 6 meters to 6.5 meters beyond the reefs of Mauritius during the night and eventually reaching Rodrigues today.

In spite of all the warnings issued for people to take their measures of precaution, some people have still wanted to taste the thrills of the heavy swells. People were seen at the beach of Le Morne trying out recreational activities at sea in spite of the fact that untamed waves were dominating the seas.

The heavy swell warning has been extended till today.

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